GDPR Privacy Management System

Our Services

AccessChain offers a SaaS privacy management system to medium and large enterprises aiming for compliance with the GDPR. To facilitate efficient and reliable data protection compliance we offer our customers a unique set of SaaS tools such as for consent acquisition, processing contract transparency as well as personal data deletion and minimization. In particular our A15 Secure Tool allows enterprises to prepare for digital data requests (Art. 15 GDPR) and reduce costs through automation.

The Team

Hauke Holtkamp


With a decade of software engineering experience, Hauke designs and implements our software products. He is a graduate of Jacobs University Bremen, TU Munich and the University of Edinburgh.

Dominic Staiger


Dominic is our expert on all things data protection. Through his research at Columbia Law School and the University of Zurich, he is well versed in the GDPR and its consequences for businesses.

Philipp Staiger


Philipp keeps the finances in check and takes care of customer support and marketing. Before working on AccessChain, he studied and worked at the LMU Munich and studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

About AccessChain

AccessChain was founded in 2016 by three experts in law, IT consulting and software development. Our aim is to innovate how companies fulfil their data protection compliance obligations by offering tailored Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) solutions. These solutions allow for the level of efficiency and transparency required by businesses as well as end-users whilst being minimally invasive to existing IT systems.

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